About us

Innova Plus is a privately owned innovative contract company providing services within biomedicine and biotechnology. We provide a wide range of custom services including gene and peptide synthesis, antibody development, recombinant protein production, and ELISA assay development for life sciences, biomedical research, and medicine. We also develop our own products including proteins and antibodies.

Our scientific team has experience and expertise in protein biochemistry, proteomics, and immunoassay platforms.

We aim to make the acquisition of our services an easy, fast and enjoyable experience for our clients. Our qualified scientific team and customer service professionals accommodate your requirements for high quality, effective communication and success of your project.

We collaborate with the world’s leading academic institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Our clients are scientific laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as industrial companies.

Considerable academic and diverse research expertise
A highly skilled scientific team
Cost-effective and flexible project management
International collaboration
We are officially certified to perform work
with BSL-1 and BSL-2
We have the certificated vivarium
We are meet GLP standards
We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company

The full range of biotechnological services

Custom recombinant protein production service. Expression, purification and analysis of the recombinant proteins

Custom monoclonal (mouse, humanized, chimeric) and polyclonal (rabbits, llamas, horses) antibodies production service. Hybridoma sequencing and development of the antibody-producing lines

Gene synthesis. Development of drugs for gene therapy using plasmid DNA and adeno-associated virus vectors

Custom peptide synthesis service, modification and conjugation of peptides

Custom ELISA assay development and manufacture service

Custom LAMP assay development and manufacture service

Conducting pre-clinical studies focused on the analysis of the specific activity, interpretation of mechanisms of action and cytotoxicity of drugs

Development of biopharmaceuticals based on the recombinant proteins, peptides, plasmid DNA, bacteriophages and viruses

Investment and scientific projects audit

R&D works

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CEO and Research Director

Ruslan Al-Shekhadat
  • Ruslan Al-Shekhadat is recipient of the order of Pirogov
  • Dr. Al-Shekhadat holds PHD degree in biology.
  • He is the author of more than 40 scientific publications and 2 patents.
  • He is a member of the International Society of Toxinology (IST).
  • Dr. Al-Shekhadat undertake an internship research program at the Instituto Clodomiro Picado.
  • Dr. Al-Shekhadat is a disciple of the leading Russian researcher and biologist, Dr. Andrey Kozlov.
  • Dr. Al-Shekhadat is a graduate of Saint Petersburg State University, department of biochemistry (diploma with distinction).
CEO and Research Director

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