Al-Shekhadat Ruslan Ismailovich, Dukhovlinov Ilija Vladimirovich, Klimov Nikolaj Anatolievich, Petrov Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Simbirtsev Andrej Semenovich, Kozlov Andrej Petrovich. Method of obtaining antibodies to protein p17 HIV.

Type: patent of invention
Patent number: ru 2412946 c1
Patent Office: Russia
Publication year: 2011
Application number: 2009140376/10
Date of registration: 03.11.2009
Date of publication: 27.02.2011
Patent holders: Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State Research Institute of Highly Pure Biopreparations” of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency
Non-state research institution “Biomedical center”


Substance: invention relates to field of immunology and can be used for diagnostics, prevention and treatment of HIV-infection. Method of producing antibodies to protein p17 HIV, more exactly to peptide p17 (10-30) includes repeated introduction into organism of protein p17 and preparation of interleukin-1β in dose 5-50 mcg/kg of weight. The latter is introduced into organism simultaneously with protein p17 and then 24 and 48 hours after its introduction. Protein p17 can be introduced into organism at least twice in dose 10 mcg/kg of weight, optimally – twice after 14 days.

Effect: application of invention makes it possible to increase titre of antibodies to peptide p17 (10-30) in several times, which makes it possible to use them for diagnostics and treatment of HIV.

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