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Cost and production time

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The cost of accumulation of polyclonal antibodies is formed individually and depends on the following factors: the antigen and the need for its production, the type of the immunized animal, the need for chromatographic affine antigen-specific purification of antibodies, and their analysis

The time of the manufacturing process takes from 3 months

How we work

At our laboratory, it is possible to obtain polyclonal rabbit antibodies to a certain antigen, for which purpose the rabbits of Chinchilla breed are used. The immunization scheme shall be developed taking into account the nature of antigen, peculiarities of its metabolism and immune properties. As a rule, the immunization is carried out three times, with an interval of 2-3 weeks. The first one is administered subcutaneously at 5 different injection sites using CFA, and the rest ones are administered using IFA. In two weeks after third immunization, blood samples are taken from marginal aurem venam of the animal to determine the titer of antibodies to the antigen using the method of solid-phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The further scheme of immunization is determined based on the obtained titer of antibodies. When the titer of antibodies satisfies the desired value, the whole amount of blood of animal is taken. The purification of polyclonal antibodies from the obtained serum is carried out chromatographically, which ensures a high degree of purity of products.

Basic phases of polyclonal antibodies production



Animals are immunized using short or long schemes of immunization (depending on the tasks) with various antigen variants (DNA, peptides, natural and recombinant proteins, low molecular weight compounds, cells). Depending on the nature of the antigen, we select the dose of the injected substance, if the substance is toxic, we use a gradual increase in the dose, starting with small values. For immunization, we use various types of adjuvants:  classical – complete and incomplete Freund’s adjuvants, and modern – aluminum hydroxide, Quil-A saponins, muramyl glycopeptide GERBU.


Determining the titer of antibodies

To control the immunization process, several blood samples are taken from animals. The serum is separated and the titer of the antibodies produced is determined in a direct enzyme immunoassay.After reaching a sufficient titer of antibodies (usually more than 1: 312000), carry out periodic or total blood sampling from the animal (depending on the tasks).


Obtainment and purification of polyclonal antibodies

Serum containing antibodies is separated from the blood cells by centrifugation at 3000 rpm for 10 minutes. Polyclonal antibodies are precipitated sequentially with 50%, then 40% ammonium sulfate. Then the antibodies are purified on a DEAE column by anion exchange chromatography, followed by purification on G-protein. It is also possible to use affinity chromatography for purification.

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