Developing gene structures.
Gene synthesis service

We solve any tasks in the field of gene synthesis

The synthesis of genes
of the size from 150
to 8,000 bp
vector cloning -
any sequence in any vector
Free codon and DNA structure optimization
Delivering free of charge
consultation on project

Also, we do gene synthesis with repetitions, increased GC composition, regulatory elements that affect the stability of the sequence in bacteria

Cost and production time

Lengh of
sequence, bp
Price for
1 bp., $
Production time,
work days
100-300 bp0,5 $/bp20
301-1500 bp0,5 $/bp20-30
1501-2500 bp0,5 $/bp30
2501-4000 bp0,5 $/bp30-40
4001-8000 bptbctbc
Non-standard vector cloning starts from 130 $
We offer discounts for orders from 1300 $
Free of charge shipping for orders starting from 1000 $

The average time needed for the synthesis
of genes of 1,000 bp length is 1 month

Contact us to discuss your project now!

How we work

You send us the sequence of DNA, protein or an article
We analyze your data and provide you with the quote for the cost of work
We both sign the contract
We start working, and, once the work is completed, we send you the sequence at your e-mail address
We send you the test tube and documentation as per the time agreed

The result

  • Eppendorf tubeR with lyophilized plasmid DNA containing a cloned gene (2-4 μg)
  • A synthesized DNA fragment, cloned in a standard vector pGMT or pUC57 in the lyophilized form after one miniprep (2-4 μg of plasmid DNA)
  • Chromatogram of the sequencing results
  • Set of reporting documentation

Why should you work with us?

academic and
industrial experience

2.100 % guaranteed

3.High quality
and accuracy


5.Worldwide delivery
with DHL cold chain

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